Report: Iceni Demons v Northamptonshire Titans

Saturday 12th October saw a well matched game today for the Iceni Demons.

It could have so easily gone our way. We led, we followed, we led, then lost it again. Frustrations crept in, rushed play led to mistakes. We lost a number of our more experienced players from the team at different stages during the match and we got into foul trouble quite early (4 fouled out). This led to a number opposition free throw points. We had lots of shots at the basket but they were not all converted and we need to work on our accuracy.

Despite this, it was great to see improvement and increased confidence with our newer players, some of which had to hold it together for the last few minutes of the game.

The return game will definitely be one to watch! Final score 66-69

Opposition MVP – Grace E

Top Scorer – Elsie M

Report By Coach Karen O