Iceni Awards Picnic 2022

What a wonderful Awards day we had. It was hot, exciting, emotional and fun. Our Iceni family celebrated in style. Playing, “Guess the coach” from their baby photos, playing “higher and lower”, skittles and “hook a duck” followed by a superb raffle which boosted the club funds by £145. 

Thank you for attending, being so generous with the raffle, and cheering every award.

We have had a wonderfully successful season  winning U13, U15 local leagues and being runners up in the U 11’s. Our u11’s were involved in the Norfolk team who won the Eastern Region Tournament, and the Saints ladies teams are also Champions of Norfolk.

Thank you to all our volunteers, players, families and friends for helping our club grow and perform. We are very proud of you all. Now onwards to next season and all that it holds.