Iceni Awards Presentation- 2019/20

Although we are unable to celebrate together, it is still important to recognise the season that we have had.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate every player on their performance and the parents, supporters, coaches, referees, officials, bus drivers and tea ladies who we would not be able to do what we do without!

Juniors- Year 1-4 Awards

Year 1 Coaches Award- Penny J: Penny is such a jolly girl and always tries her best. She happily joins in with all activities- even if she find it hard, there is still a smile on her face. I don’t think anyone will forget her enthusiasm at the Christmas training session with the sprout game and her eagerness to wrap her coach in Christmas paper!

Year 2 Coaches Award- Mia Y: Mia is such a great club member. She is always so happy and so positive. She never gives up trying new things, which has shown already in her first year. Her dribbling is really strong now and she has a great shot into the little basket and can get some in the big basket too! I can always rely on Mia to work with anyone in the group- she is such as great friend.

Year 3 Coaches Award- Jenny C: Jenny is full of energy. She is consistent attender at training and is someone who has improved he skills this season. She enjoys playing basketball and is very competitive in the games.

Year 4 Coaches Award- Isis G: Isis has boundless enthusiasm for the game. When asked to play up in the U11 team she couldn’t wait to play. She worked so hard to defend well and scored a few baskets in the tournament. She is starting to listen to coaches and is improving her skills. 

Under 11 CVL- Lightning

Most Valuable Player- Sophie H: Sophie has had an outstanding season. She has been a central player in the tournaments bringing energy, drive and determination being recognised as MVP for both the team and the whole tournament. Sophie is an incredibly skilled player. She reads the game exceptionally well and frequently intercepts the ball and converts that into a point scoring opportunity for her own team. She’s quick and agile and not afraid to make the ball her own. She is always willing to go the extra mile and dig deep to find even more energy and keep going. And what is why she deserves the recognition of Most Valuable Player. Congratulations Sophie this is well earned and deserved- keep it up!

Most Improved Player- Tegan B and Evie T: Tegan was fairly new to basketball when she started playing and struggled a little with confidence. She took every single word of advice on board and tried everything that was asked of her and as the season went on her ability grew and grew. We saw commitment and determination throughout. Tegan defended hard and was always ready to provide cover for her team mates. She was an invaluable asset to her team under the basket- rebounding, shooting and stealing the ball many times. Tegan totally deserves one of our two awards for the most improved- Fantastic work Tegan!

The under 11 tournaments were a new experience for Evie which she found quite nerve-wracking to begin with. The more she played, the more her confidence grew. Evie showed so much energy and determination. She chased the ball, defended hard and always was on hand to help her team mates. And then she started scoring lots of baskets too! Evie has brilliant team spirit and clearly loves the game. Fantastic effort Evie and that is why she jointly deserves the award for most improved.

Top Scorer- Lauren B: In the Under 11 tournaments, Lauren showed great confidence, enthusiasm, strength and determination. She was always eager to be on court- her energy was endless! Many of Lauren’s baskets were scored from driving down the court, skillfully passing her opponents and doing lovely lay-ups. Lauren has a great eye for the basket and thoroughly deserves the award. Well done Lauren!

Coaches Award- Adara G: Adara brought experience to our team. There were many highlights in her games this season. She showed amazing agility in intercepting the ball, wll read passing, good cuts to the basket and some beautiful swish shots- to name a few! Adara was reliable and consistent in her effort. She worked hard for the team and for her coaches. This is why Adara should recieve the coaches award. Keep up the good work Adara.

Under 11 CVL- Thunder

Most Valuable Player- Alice C: With Alice on court, you know that a loose ball will never be left and an unmarked player wont be unmarked for very long! Her commitment to the game is second to none on the team and she always encourages her team mates and involves everyone in the game by making good passes and avoiding silly shots. 

Most Improved Player- Agatha T: Agatha came to the club with very little basketball experience but is like a sponge taking in instructions and advice from coaches and referees during matches. If Agatha is on court, you know she will always give 100% and she never puts her head down.

Top Scorer- Molly S: Molly has great energy on court and is a very level-headed and reliable player. Her shooting has improved so much this season which is reflected in her receiving this top scorer award.

Coaches Award- Annie-Grace H: Despite seeming to be very shy and quiet, Annie-Grace is an on-court battler and when she is in the zone, she stands her ground and when her shot is on target, she cannot miss. She has really started to come out of her shell this year and we look forward to her confidence increasing as she develops as a player.

Under 12 NL- Angels

Most Valuable Player- Abigail H: Abi has worked hard as all the U12s have this season, what what she has really shown her coaches and team mates is that they can rely on her to try her best. Abi is one of those players who always works hard on court, trying to improve her skills, especially in defence, looking to stop her opponents from scoring and helping with rebounds. Abi doesn’t always look to be a scorer, passing the ball across the court and making her team mates feel a part of the game and help the team win. Abi is a good player who has the potential to become a great basketball player. Work hard and good things will happen! A very well done Abigail!

Most Improved Player- Matilda R: Matilda has shown great enthusiasm and commitment for the U12s this season. She takes on advice from her coaches and puts tons of effort into training sessions and her time on court. THis attitude helps her to constantly improve her skills and had made her an all around better player. Matilda always works hard on court- determined to help her team win. For this and much more, Matilda deserves the most improved player award. Well done Matilda!

Top Scorer- Lily S: Lily us a player who is always ready to learn something new and has the ambition to improve herself, always trying until things happen. Lily has been practising hard on her ball and shooting skills all season and this has definitely paid back on court. Good work Lily!

Coaches Award- Daisy F: Daisy has worked hard for the U12s this season. She has fantastic energy and is a speed demon on the court! Daisy has been practising hard on her ball skills and this definitely shows. The coaches can always rely on Daisy to try her best. She has a positive attitude and is a great team-player, even injured Daisy was always ready to jump on court and help her teammates. THis is why Daisy is awarded the coaches award. Great effort Daisy!

Under 13 CVL- Stars

Most Valuable Player- Emiliya M: MVP Emiliya has worked hard this season and is a natural game player. She still has lots to learn but is a willing worker who always tries her hardest. She is very good at interceptions of the passes and is a good rebounder.

Most Improved Player- Tia W: Tia is a quiet player but when she gets into the game she is tenacious and has a good drive to basket. A beginner who with a bit more confidence could become a strong player. She has improved a lot this season and we are very proud of her- Well Done Tia

Coaches Award- Poppy B: Poppy has worked hard this season and is a strong rebounder with a good shot. She uses her height and strength well. She needs to continue to work on her rebounding and jumping skills to improve further.

Under 14 NL- Demons

Most Valuable Player- Mia J: Mia has had a brilliant season, highlighted by this award, of which she was recognised by opposition coaches as the player of the game in the most number of games. Mia has been able to develop her game throughout the season on both ends of the floor, being a constant offensive threat, together with becoming a strong on-ball defender and rebounder. Mia’s strong drives, which she is renowned for, have become even more of a threat with her being able to convert them at a higher percentage and under pressure. Mia has really started to understand different tactical elements of the game, such as when is a good time for a pick and roll, which is allowing her to take advantage of the opposition. Mia has also been able to take on feedback from the coaches, developing as a leader on court, encouraging her team mates vocally both on and off the court- Congratulations Mia!

Most Improved Player- Holly G: Having never played in National League before we didn’t know what to expect from Holly this season. However, across the season Holly has grown a huge amount in all elements of her game. As coaches we have observed Holly become more and more confident, a stronger rebounder game by game and has really gone outside of her comfort zone. It’s been fantastic to watch Holly grow and we as coaches are very excited to see what next season has in store for Holly- amazing job Holly!

Top Scorer- Elsie M: Elsie has worked extremely hard this year, which has really shown on court, with her offensive skill set greatly improving. Having more confidence has enabled Elsie to be able to take more of a leadership role with her play and with this taking a high scoring responsibility in each game. Elsie has developed ane xcellent, strong drive to basket being able to now consistently finish under pressure. Together with this, Elsie has a lovely jump shot which throughout the season she has been able to increase in distance to be able to shot from, evening scoring a fantastic 3 point shot during a game! In addition to her scoring Elsie sets a brilliant example to her fellow team mates encouraging them constantly. Well done Elsie!

Coaches Award- Grace E: Grace has had a truly fantastic season going from strength to strength throughout. As a player at the top of her age group, she has really acted as a role model to those around her, being a consistent threat on both ends of the court. Grace has become more and more confident in her abilities developing some lovely offensive moves, which have meant she has been a very safe pair of hands during big games. As coaches we know that we can always rely on Grace to put 110% effort in during training and games, constantly pushing herself to be better. Grace even had a bad concussion during one of our games and still continued showing her grit and determination on court for all to see. Well done Grace, it’s been a pleasure to coach you.

Best Defender- Ruby D: Ruby has been an absolute defensive rock for our team this year! No matter where she is on the court, you know that she will do her upmost to track back to stop the ball. As the coaching staff we always know that we can look to Ruby to mark the oppositions strongest threats, limiting their scoring and giving us a greater chance of winning. Ruby’s communication on court is excellent, constantly encouraging and helping her teammates to thrive to be better. Ruby’s help defence is truly second to none, leading by example, rarely missing a rotation to help when she is required, often being in the right stop to steal the ball, emphasising her high basketball IQ. Fantastic job Ruby, keep up the great work!

Under 15 NL- Warriors

Most Valuable Player- Elizabeth C: This season Lizzy has grown into a lovely player. Lizzy is always so reliable having never missed a match, always being at training and consistently working hard. Lizzy’s ball skills have improved together with her court awareness and defending, even battling with those big lads which is a challenge. Your attitude towards your team mates is so encouraging and that is why you deserved to be made captain and you have really lived up to this role. Thanks for making my job easier and it has been a pleasure to coach you.

Most Improved Player- Libby M: I’m totally amazed at how much Libby has come on this season and has been the teams second top scorer. Libby is here, there and everywhere on court and her speed is just so fast! One minute you are one end of the court and the next you have chased right up and scored. It’s fantastic how you played a football match and then came to a basketball match still with so much energy! Your ball handing and shooting have shone through with your defence having improved. It has been truly great watching you steel the ball. You are a little fireball and a pleasure to coach!

Top Scorer- Jess B: Jess you have grown into a wonderful player! Every game you just improve, in fact in your last game you just couldn’t miss the basket! It was so lovely to see that smile on court- You were on fire! I look for you to mark the tallest lads on the court as your defence is brilliant, especially your blocks. You have been great to coach and i’ve loved watching you play. You have made a massive amount of progress and confidence. Keep playing, growing and glowing. Keep being a shooting legend- Well Done Jess!


Coaches Award- Brooke C: Brooke is a warrior on the court, never giving up. She always tried her hardest every time she steps on court. Brooke always wants to mark the player with the ball having no fear at all times! Her determination to win is amazing and fantastic to work with always wanting to improve- Well Done Brooke!

Under 16 NL- Rebels

Most Valuable Player & Top Scorer- Eleanor W: This player mixes with everyone and has formed a good bond within the group. She is always very positive and encourages the whole team. Sometimes you forget that she is younger than some of them- Mature beyond her years. In her game play she has demonstrated that she can ball handle, drive, shoot and score (well most of the time) with fantastic form, defence and cover when others need help. This year she has consistently been starting 5 and when not playing its like a piece of the jigsaw is missing. Her performances have been noted by the opposition coaches meaning she has been the lucky recipient of a sweet treat most weekends. This success has also meant she has been called up into the ladies first team on a regular basis and has already fitted in and most of the time plays better than the coaches! This year she has scored an average of 17.5 points per game meaning she is also the top scorer of the Under 16’s squad.

Most Improved Player- Daisy S: Watching this young sportswoman grow as a player this year has been an absolute pleasure. Her athleticism, speed, agility and quick footwork have improved so much as the season progressed and she has often been our go to player when we have needed someone to slow the opposition ball and allowed the rest of our players to recover into defensive positions. This is often a thankless task but it has not gone unnoticed. This along with her competitive nature, willingness to train and work rate this season have seen some truly impressive performances on court. I look forward to watching her continued progress as she enters the adult game next season.


Coaches Award- Rebels Team: This is the end of an are for some but the beginning of the next step for several of these players. Many of them have been part of Iceni since they were 8 years old and were the first phase of our club developing Under 11 teams. It started with our inclusion in the Dereham leagues where we lost every game in season one. We then went on to win the title in future years and age groups. Many of these girls worked with us as County Coaches too from U11-U17, we have been together at the East Region ICT, All Star Tournament, School Fixtures, East Region Aspire, National League Fixtures and being invited to Battle in the Capitial playing teams from Spain and Italy. The icing on the cake this year has been winning the U16 Conference National League and seeing many of you taking on other roles within the sport. There have been tears at times but also lots of laughter and i know as a club all of the coaches/supporters/family that have supported your development across the years are very proud of each and every one of you. We will miss the fun bus journeys but our biggest hope is that you all keep on playing this wonderful sport and look back on your time at Iceni with fond memories. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.

Ladies- Saints & Devils

Most Valuable Player (Saints)- Laura V R: Laura is always a reliable and dependable member of the team. She is a great leader on the court and always bring a positive attitude and energy. She is a fantastic and confident rebounder, both offensively and defensively, with a confident all round games. She is always reliable for points in difficult matches and does what is asked of her. 

Most Valuable Player (Devils)- Monika Y: Monika is a very positive player both on and off the court, evident in her interaction in the group chat. She is sometimes unsure of the rules but has given 100% effort in every game, chasing everything in her reach, jumping into new positions nd has improved every time she stepped on the court. Monika should be very proud of her performance in her first season at Iceni. 

Most Improved Player (Ladies)- Kayleigh W: Kayleigh’s confidence has come on in leaps and bounds this season. In her first full season back she has fitted in well with her other team members and works hard in training and matches. She has played wherever she is asked, even if it is not her usual position and been keen to learn. She has shown more initiative as the season progressed and has improved her tactical awareness. She has also stepped up to the Saints when asked of her.

Top Scorer (Saints): Maria J

Coaches Award (Saints)- Megan R: Megan has battled hard this year through ups and downs and has earned her place in the Saints. She has been a safe pair of hands and someone to rely on when needed. Her confidence has improved and she is a great contribution to the team on both ends of the court. It has been fantastic having her as part of the team this year. 

Coaches Award (Devils)- Donna H: Donna is always eager to play and please. She listens and learns from the coaching given to her and is always willing to try and learn new skills evident in her improvement scores the year. She has been very committed to ladies training throughout the year making every effort to attend all sessions as well as all matches. She is also a great leader for the team, welcoming and encouraging the younger players on the team.

Player’s Player (Saints): Sarah M

Player’s Player (Devils):  Monika Y